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Would you like to have a plan to get all of your volunteer hours completed this year?

What a week! I can’t believe it’s the end of July already!

Thank you for everyone’s caution this week. We’ve had many families keep kids home and even get tested “just in case”. I’m happy to report those brave children have only had sniffles or seasonal allergies. With the Delta variant flexing it’s scary muscles, the entire community thanks you for your cautious nature.

Planning to travel?

  • We are following CDC guidelines for travel. CDC Travel Guidelines are found here. Since the majority of our students are not vaccinated please remember to consider that when making your plans.

  • If you are a vaccinated individual and you travel for business or pleasure without your unvaccinated children, they do not have to miss school if they did not travel.

  • Please notify Ms. Peterson at and your child's classroom teacher travel plans throughout the year.

  • We will not be able to accommodate virtual lessons if your child has traveled and needs to quarantine. Talk with your child’s teacher about possible assignments to keep them up to speed with the class.

Will you be keeping your child home sick and getting a COVID test for possible exposure or due to an abundance of caution? If so, please notify me, Ms. Kinlin, at Let me share your concern and anxiety, not Ms. Peterson.

Have you been walking your students to their classroom since school started? Now that you’ve seen the classroom, the school, and helped your child get situated with the transition, please start saying goodbye in the office and letting them walk to class on their own. This not only builds confidence and independence but it also supports our safety procedures at this time.

Thank you for wearing your masks in the building!

Volunteering Opportunities

  • We’ll be replacing many of the blinds in the school and are hoping we can get some of you handy parents to help out installing these once delivered. If that’s you, please let us know and we’ll get you all of the details needed.

  • Tuesday, September 7th is a teacher work day and our Decorator Extraordinaire, a parent volunteer, needs your help to decorate the school for autumn’s first day (we’ve already had our first day of school). Follow the link to sign up.

  • Do you have a power washer and would be willing to clean the side of the building? It’s needing a good spray down on the Vaughn St. side. Let us know!

Would you like to have a plan to get all of your volunteer hours completed this year?

If so, Maintenance Days are great ways to accomplish this. Maintenance Days are opportunities for families to come together to help keep our school looking good. We do bigger projects on these days like painting classrooms and deep cleaning spaces. We’re looking for a parent to help be our Maintenance Day Project Manager. What does that entail? Before the Saturday event you would ensure we have all necessary supplies, check in with Ms. Peterson about gathering volunteers, and then being on site the day of to help coordinate. We have a Maintenance Day about once a month. Let us know if you’re interested!

Is there another way to help consistently throughout the year?

Thanks for asking! CLASS Academy’s Parent Association (CAPA) is always looking for more members. Monthly virtual meetings are how we meet and stay connected. CLASS administration and parents working together is how we are successful!

Parking at CLASS Academy

  • It’s a challenge. We know. Next time you are in the parking lot I want you to look at the perimeter of the area. You’ll notice faded yellow paint lines. Those are for you and your kids to have a safe pathway. If you walk the path, it leads to the school building where you then walk through the gate and get to the doors as safely as possible. Try it out! We’ll get some photos and possibly a video together to help you make sense of the safest way to manage parking at CLASS Academy.

  • Please don’t park on the sidewalk. Before the gates there are two parking spots on the west end (furthest from the building). Park in one of the two. Don’t make a third. Then the parking spot nearest the entrance is handicap only.

Don’t want to try parking in the lot?

That’s OK! Montgomery Park has a large parking lot with 2 hour visitor spots. You can use those and walk your child to school. Do NOT park in the Montgomery Parking lot directly across the street where it says "NO CLASS ACADEMY PARKING". If you are an OnPoint member you can also park in the parking lot directly next to the CLASS building and then walk the kids to school.

Donation Requests

  • If you have any ‘gently used’ vehicle toys that your kids just don’t use anymore please consider donating them. After many days of many kids crashing trucks and cars together they inevitably break.

Coming soon!

  • Used uniform sale

  • Teacher snack sign up

  • CLASS is closed from September 2 - September 7 with the first day of the fall school year beginning on Wednesday, September 8th.

  • AND so much more

This year has begun on such a positive note and I’m looking forward to the days ahead. It’s feeling good to have some of our old routines back in place. We hope you agree.

Thanks for letting us be part of your child’s educational experience.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Kinlin

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