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CAPA: CLASS Academy's Parent Association
Volunteer Opportunities for Current Families


20 CAPA Volunteer Hours are required per family. These hours can be accomplished in many different ways. See below for a current list of volunteer tasks in and around the school.


If interested, contact for additional information. 

2022 - 2023 Volunteer Opportunites:

  • Become a CAPA Board Member and attend monthly meetings

  • Friday/Weekend chores - There are several maintenance tasks and school wide chores weekly. These include but are not limited to organizing the school library, washing interior windows, painting as needed, or getting recyclable materials to the local recycling center. 

  • Become a Classroom Liaison Parent and support your classroom teacher with anything needed

  • Assist with organizing, setting up, and facilitating The Spring Used Clothing Sale

  • Join the Social/Community Event committee and assist with our community connection event in February/March

  • Join our Spring Auction committee to support our Spring Auction Event

  • Join our Fall Auction committee to support our Fall Auction Event

  • Host a virtual presentation for select classrooms. Do you have a special interest, hobby, or profession that would be relevant to students of a particular classroom? 

    • Examples of parent led presentations include specific content appropriate skills, hobbies, or interests for the students to engage with. Presentations including water treatment process, recycling process, woodworking, civil engineering, dental hygiene presentations, first responder presentations, computer science presentations, legal process/presentations, or others are great for most cohorts. 

  • Host virtual science experiments for specific cohorts of students!

  • Host a virtual lunch time reading for specific cohorts of students (30mins of volunteer hours daily!)

  • Support seasonal school decorations. Facilitate setting up and taking down decorations school wide on a seasonal basis.

  • Support your classroom teacher with community service projects and cohort volunteer opportunities. Assist with communication, scheduling, and organizing any event materials needed

2022/2023 CAPA Board of Directors:


Tia Kauffman 


Julia Wilson 

Vice President/Communications Director

Stacey Lake

Gabriela Hendricks


Gaurav Veda
Volunteer Coordinator

Faith McGee
Fundraising Co-Chair

Nicole Ikeuchi

Fundraising Co-Chair


Michele Ray 

Uniform Director

 Elisa Turover

Parent Cohort Coordinator

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