CAPA: CLASS Academy's Parent Association

CAPA is a non-profit, parent run organization that supports the students and community of CLASS Academy. Through annual family dues and various annual fundraising events CAPA is able to support enrichment resources, technology items, various curriculum pieces, playground items, student snacks, and much more.

All parents become members of CAPA upon their students’ enrollment and are as such, welcome at monthly CAPA board meetings.

The CAPA Board meetings are currently virtual during COVID. If interested reach out to Dustin Harell at for the Zoom link. The next scheduled meetings are:

  • Friday, September 17th 

  • Friday, October 15th

  • Friday, November 19th

  • Friday, December 17th



1) $240 annual CAPA dues for families with one child 

($345 per family with two or more children)

2) $65 annual school supply fee per child

3) $20 one-time emergency kit fee per child

4) 20 CAPA Volunteer Hours are required per family. These hours can be accomplished in many different ways.

2021/2022 CAPA Board of Directors:


Dustin Harell

Julia Wilson 

Vice President/Communications Director

Stacey Lake

Joanna Pucilowska


Gabriela Hendricks
Event Coordinator

Tia Kauffman 

Auction Director/Board Member

Patti Harrison

Auction Director/Board Member

Jason Burress
Board Member

Michele Ray 

Uniform Director/Board Member

Cassie Duffle

Interior Decorator/Board Member

Donate to CAPA through Greater Giving:

For those looking and able to continue to support the community, teachers, and administrators who work tirelessly educating our students, we are continuously accepting tax refundable donations for CAPA. 

These donations have been used to bolster enrichment and curriculum, purchase top of the line safety equipment and products to keep our school safe, and to provide necessary financial assistance to families needing various degrees of support. 


As a community we have pulled together and are emerging from this crisis stronger and even more connected than before. 


To donate, follow the instructions below:


Also, please remember to check if your employer does donation matching when you donate.


Thank you for supporting our CLASS Academy community.

CAPA Monthly Minutes:

Click to download:

more to come...


Volunteer Oportunities 

For a detailed list of current volunteer opportunities click here or contact  

Volunteer Opportunities