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Committed to Safety and Fun!

Good afternoon,

The heat wave and the smoky air has us hunkering down here at CLASS. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been active, however! Students have been racing in the gym on scooters, participating in team building games in class, and more! They’re having fun and not even realizing they’re learning. Kids across ALL grade levels are loving our bubble machines and our new bubble wands. It's true, even our 11-13 year olds squealed with excitement! Check out Dojo for some great shots. The kids have been cheering one another on and been so excited about HUGE bubbles! It’s so much fun to witness.

Reminders and Updates

The Delta variant has us all feeling a bit frustrated. I was speaking with another school administrator recently and he expressed his frustration about how it always feels like once you make a plan and share it, things change. That's the pandemic life. Things are unknown and constantly changing.

  • Update for masks - Masks are required for students and staff inside and outside now. We can allow mask breaks if the individuals are 3-6 feet apart, but otherwise masks will be worn at all times.

  • Drop off - We will continue to allow you to come into the building for drop off and pick up at this time but you may not walk your child to their classroom. Say goodbye in the foyer. This is a COVID policy so please continue following this rule. If you have questions let Ms. Kinlin know.

Have a Costco membership? Want to get volunteer hours taken care of?

We often have items needed from there and would love to have a parent to reach out to for Costco runs! If you’re interested in the job reach out to Ms. Peterson at

Upper School parents (Chinooks, Falcons, Eagles, and Vikings)

Starting in September, students will begin to have daily homework. To help keep their assignments organized we ask that all Upper School families send their student(s) to school with a zip up three ring binder. This one from Amazon is a great example of what we're looking for. If you need help finding one that works for your Upper School student feel free to reach out, there's so many choices out there. For clarity, this does not apply to students in all other classes.

Decorating the school for autumn’s first day will happen on September 7th. We need volunteers to help the kids walk into a school that feels fresh and new. Sign up here.

Deals, Deals, Deals! Who doesn’t love a good deal?!

Used Uniform Sale is Saturday, Aug 21, 2021 from 10am-3pm. Come and get your growing children some gently used clothing from CAPA’s collection.

Will your child miss a day of school? Please notify Ms. Peterson at

Logging students in and out

When you are logging your child(ren) in and out on the computers please be sure to click “finish”. If you get an error message please tell Ms. Peterson as well. She'll take care of the problem.

I’d like to leave you with a token of appreciation. Our community is only so strong because we are committed to the same goals; safety and fun! I’m often surprised with our families’ kindness and our teachers’ motivation. We had a new family take on sprucing up our planter box, a veteran family surprise teachers with treats, and others get involved in a variety of ways. Teachers are working hard to get their students having fun and getting used to the routines. Lots of fun and collaboration is happening amongst the teachers and students and I just have to say it has filled my bucket seeing it all!

Thanks for being part of our community.

Happy Friday!

Ms. Kinlin

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